Language Is A Biological Instinct

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Daily Mail): “Many animals can communicate effectively with one another but humans are unique in our ability to acquire language.

“Scientists have long questioned how we are able to do this and now a new study suggests that the sound patterns of human languages are the product of an innate biological instinct – much like birdsong.

“The U.S. research says that babies are born with the basic fundamental knowledge of language, which sheds light on whether nature or nurture is responsible for speech in humans.

“‘The results suggest that, the sound patterns of human languages are the product of an inborn biological instinct, very much like birdsong,’ said Professor Iris Berent of Northeastern University in Boston, who co-authored the study with a research team from the International School of Advanced Studies in Italy.

“To understand where this knowledge comes from and whether it is a universal linguistic principle or the sum of experience, the team looked carefully at how young babies perceive different types of words.

“The scientists saw that the newborns reacted differently to the two types of words in a similar way to adults.

“Young infants have not learned any words yet and do not even babble, yet they still share a sense of how words should sound with adults.

“The researchers believe that this finding shows that we are born with the basic, foundational knowledge about the sound pattern of human languages.”

My Comment: At the core of our nature of the “speaking human being” there is one language;  the language of the collective soul from which all languages originated, including the egoistic languages that are similar to computer languages, all of which are based on one fundamental principle.

There is an indication in the Bible in the story of how humanity was scattered from ancient Babylon. As we come closer to the correction of our egoistic nature and the integration of every one in every one else, we will feel the need to return to this unified natural base of communication.

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