Spiritual Gene Instead Of The American Dream

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean “to become a Reshimo (a spiritual gene) relative to the rest of the world?

Answer: The modern world is lost without any idea where to go or who can lead it to some kind of goal. This feeling of helplessness, distress, and emptiness will increasingly grow.

We are going through a complete disintegration of the basis of previous life. Formerly, the world was developing very rapidly, it looked as if the American dream would come true any moment and a well-developed capitalism would allow each one of us to live a good life and earn “big” money. All of a sudden this state of affairs has stopped and life has lost its meaning. This sensation of hopelessness triggers the question, “What is the meaning of my life?” While we are transitioning from our prior state to a spiritual realm, we have to turn into a spiritual gene (a Reshimo).

People whose spiritual genes wake up come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. They need to advance this seed that is built into them. They have already reached the lowest point of disappointment in their lives, begin thinking about the essence of life, and begin moving with this internal determination that they have revealed.

But what should we do with others who do not have this spiritual gene revealed inside themselves yet, with all those seven billion who extend into despair and hopelessness, people who are approaching the bankruptcy of their prior values? How can they rise to a new state if their spiritual gene doesn’t wake up in them?

Our international organization has to become a spiritual Reshimo for the entire world. Our common desire, our collective Reshimot, becomes “a drop of semen” inside humanity, inside this massive human desire.

The mass has already rotted and deteriorated, all that is left is the seed (us) that knows the way and possesses energy, intention, knowledge, and experience. That’s why we go ahead of everybody and move the entire humanity forward. This is the function of a spiritual gene.

Spiritual Gene Instead Of The American Dream
After the shattering occurred, all that was left was only Reshimot – spiritual sparks, “points in the heart,” that fell inside the broken desire. A spark and a broken desire worked together for thousands of years and eventually they figured that the desire is empty and broken. It has no chance to receive any fulfillment since it has neither a screen, nor underwent a contraction, nor is there any Reflected Light in it.

There is only one Reshimo that burns inside the desire and is able to bring the desire to its new state since the Reshimo (the spark) is connected with the Light. All there is are the Lights, the sparks, and the vessels. The Lights are on the top (in the world of Atzilut), the broken vessels and desires fell. Inside the desire there is a spark of the Light, a point in the heart.

The Light influences the spark. Only due to this impact, the entire vessel elevates, otherwise it is unable to rise. This explains why our time is so suitable for correction. The spark is very noticeable because the desire (the vessel) feels that it is broken and empty and has no hope for the future. That’s why a connection among the Lights, the sparks, and the vessels appears. A spark connects the desire with the Light. This is what is going on in the world now.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/13

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