The Rating Of Global Challenges In 2014

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from GALLUP International): “WIN/Gallup International, the leading global association in market research and polling, has revealed that respondents of its global annual poll regard corruption as the most important problem facing the world today.

  • Twenty-one percent (21%) of respondents globally identified corruption as the most important problem facing the world today – the highest response rate amongst the 17 categories;
  • Economic problems in second place globally at 14%;
  • Poverty (the gap between rich and poor) in third place globally at 12%;
  • Biggest regional concerns: Asia (26%), Americas(19%) and MENA (15%) said corruption; Western Europe (24%) and Eastern Europe (20%) said poverty; Africa said economic problems (21%).
  • The data was collected as part of WIN/Gallup International’s Annual 2013 poll that interviewed 66,806 people in 65 countries.
  • Biggest concerns in Bulgaria: poverty/the gap between rich and poor – 23%, economic problems – 17%, unemployment – 15%, corruption – 9%, wars and conflicts – 7% and crime – 5%.”

My Comment: No one pointed out that the only problem in the world is overcoming the rejection between people, which by correcting,  we will help the world will change towards becoming beautiful. We see that this problem is not considered solvable. This means that we must make every effort to explain to people that the only solution is to create connections between people. Otherwise, no problem will be solved, and in the aggregate will bring us to war.

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