Every Person Is Important For Perfection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It’s easy to love my friends who are studying the science of Kabbalah together with me, but I can’t do that with my colleagues at work. How should I treat them and all other people in the world?

Answer: In principle, we have to treat everyone as parts of our soul. That is how I have to think about everyone, including the greatest villains. They are outside of me in the world because all of these desires and qualities inside of me are not corrected yet. Therefore, externally I have to treat them with tolerance, understanding that this is the path of correction. The time will come when they too will join this path.

The common soul, the single created creature consists of many parts. Some are more important and some are less, just like in our physical body, which is built exactly according to the structure of the soul.

The soul also has a part called “body,” which is the common desire that’s divided into many systems and sub-systems: the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and other important systems that are interconnected and without which the body could not exist. Some of these systems can be artificially recreated, but they have to be present in the body. On the other hand, there are systems that do not necessarily have to be present in the body, for example, the limbs, muscles, and bones.

The common soul has parts that are particularly important, the brain and heart, as well as those that are less important but still necessary for existence. The brain and heart were mostly corrected from Adam until our time by the lineage of Kabbalists that we know about and whom we study.

Now the phase of the common correction has set in when besides the brain and heart we are beginning to correct the lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, and so on. These are important parts, but less significant than the brain and the heart. People who study Kabbalah belong to these parts.

All the rest of humanity belongs to, for example, the muscles, bones, and limbs, which are systems that are not necessary for the organism’s existence, but they are necessary for its fullness. That is how we should treat them, and in essence they make up 90% of the entire soul.

They cannot act independently. They cannot feel a yearning for spirituality, but only function according to orders coming to them from the brain and the heart through us, the various important organs. This does not lower their significance because if we are talking about one common soul, then the absence of one tiny cell disrupts perfection.

Therefore, everyone is important and at the end of correction every person is as valuable as everyone. That is the law of a closed system’s perfection. We study this principle on the example of an analog system: It has an entrance and an exit, and if anything is disrupted inside of it then it does not produce the necessary result.

However, there is a difference during the time of correction. Parts that are more important are corrected earlier, and after that the less important parts are corrected according to a hierarchy. Therefore, don’t wait for the world to hear and understand what we are doing because billions of people belong to the passive part. They will join the process because they will see that it’s impossible to do anything else. That is how the world will be corrected. People might be extraordinarily smart or developed, they might be great scientists, artists, and cultural activists, yet be completely deaf to spirituality. That is how we should treat everyone.

Only those who come to the study of Kabbalah through various paths belong to the inner system. Therefore, we have to value every person here because he was chosen by the Creator to be part of an important organ of the common system and is therefore a great asset. Meanwhile, others might not be so important. Even the children of many Kabbalists did not take the same path because every person has his own part in the system and it is not passed down hereditarily. So arm yourself with patience.

The main work takes place among those who belong to our world group, but externally we can also act to advance the world. By disseminating materials about the future, about what might happen, and about the solution offered by the science of Kabbalah, we prepare people to the extent it is possible. However, true work with them lies in the fact that as a result of our unity, they will feel a certain awakening.

What will they awaken to? To join us externally. They will want to be involved and serve the process of correction as much as possible. There are already people like this now and their mission is very much worthy of respect.
From the 2nd lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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  1. But how we are supposed to react to people who are against kabbalah trying to prove you wrong every time they see you.. should we simply answer: I don’t want to talk about kabbalah or should we avoid the bad influence of such people?

  2. It is sometimes hard for me to reconcile the seeming contradiction of rising above out egoism while at the same time claiming to be the most important people in spirituality… How do we reconcile these things?

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