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Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, “Purpose of the Group”: In order to attain bestowal to the Creator, it is first necessary to bestow to man, which is called love for the neighbor.

Our nature is completely opposite to love for the neighbor. I only love myself. All of my calculations, whether conscious or unconscious, are built exclusively on personal benefit.

The way I sit, the way I look, the way I think, and what I see—all of this is funneled through the filter of my egoism, leaving me only with the things that can benefit me or pose a threat. Everything has to serve my personal well-being. That is my nature.

However, I have to achieve universal bestowal, universal love, the Creator’s eternal force, eternal life. And to do that, I need to do preliminary exercises in the group. That is why Rabash continues:

Love for the neighbor is possible only when you reject yourself.

One comes instead of the other. Bestowal and reception cannot live together with each other.

I have 613 desires and as a whole my desire acts only for its own sake. This is the situation at the beginning. Then I begin to cut away from it “piece by piece,” starting with the easiest desires and progressing to the most difficult ones.

That is how I correct myself, step by step, and instead of a part of the egoistic desire, I acquire the desire to bestow. In the meantime, in the rest of my desires I still remain in the intention "for my own sake." That is how I correct parts of me.

However, there is a condition: If I have corrected at least one of my desires for the sake of bestowal, then the rest can no longer remain in the egoistic intention. That is why they have to undergo restriction.

I have a large vessel and at first it is entirely aimed at self-benefit. First of all I make a restriction and only then am I able to transform the first, smallest desire to bestowal to others.

Thus, I have a great desire. I make a restriction on it and then I cut off the thinnest layer of myself. From that piece, I am able to perform bestowal. In the meantime, restriction reigns over all the other desires. Then I cut off the second layer, then the third, and that is how I correct them one after another.

Two desires cannot exist in one person: one aimed at himself and one aimed at bestowal. After all, they are opposite to one another. In order to be able to acquire even the smallest desire of bestowal, all the other desires have to be restricted.
From the 5th lesson at the WE! Convention on 4/1/11

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  1. Are you talking about exclusively socical desires (such as my attitude towards others), or are you including desires on the still, vegetative, and animate degrees as well?

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