The Rotten Seed Of The Old World

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to transcend to a new level we have to attain a state in which you have no idea what is happening to you and all the old forms disappear. You cannot work with them nor can you hold on to them anymore, and you feel puzzled and confused both in your mind and heart.

The world seems so strange and unfamiliar that you don’t understand which world you live in. you are like a seed that was totally rotten in the ground and has lost all form and direction. You have already lost your old form and have not received the new form yet. Thus you move from one state to the next.

You will see how different this is from what you see in your corporeal, healthy egoistic mind and heart. A state of disorientation, helplessness and confusion becomes the beginning of a new man on a new level. To the extent that this seems undesirable from a realistic egoistic point of view, it is actually desirable for a person’s advancement.

There is a law that the individual and the general are equal. So the whole world is in the same state today, feeling this confusion, not understanding where it comes from. The whole world feels powerless and in despair. People don’t know what to do next: All the old views, all the old paradigms, the whole perception of life is disappearing and going bankrupt.

It is the first time in history that we are in such a position. There are no leaders, no dogmas, nothing. No one is saying that he knows what needs to be done anymore. Where are the revolutionaries of the past like Che Guevara, Marx, they are gone. It is a sign that all the ideas and views, all the previous approaches have rotted, like the seed that rots in the ground, from which something totally new has to grow now.

We have reached a state of Ibur (conception) and from now on the new world will begin to grow and to develop. The old form is lost and soon a new form will be depicted. The world doesn’t know it yet. But we, those who engage with the wisdom of Kabbalah, are the new Reshimo (spiritual gene) for the world, transferring the world from the old state to the new state. The world needs guidance growing in this state, and we have to fulfill the role of the Reshimo and reveal to the world how to advance and grow onward.

In all the other states what needs to be done is revealed by itself according to natural laws. It is instinctively clear to the still, vegetative, and animate nature what to do and how to grow. But on the human level this growth has to be done consciously by special efforts. It is by this that man is different from an animal.

Our body is an animal, but the mind has to be human, like Adam, which means “Domeh” (resembles the Creator). So we have to advance to the new state consciously, knowingly, by our own powers. Here we need to wake people up, to arrange them, to guide them. Therefore, Israel is called Li Rosh (I have a head). One can only grow by understanding, consciously and by making efforts, and we do it gradually. We grow by getting closer to fulfilling this role, and the world becomes more and more desperate and ready for us to raise it. It will happen very soon.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/02/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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