Friends Who Grow To Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are in concealment in our relationship with the Creator. We do not feel what exactly comes to us from Him and do not see that all this is for our benefit. We evaluate good and evil according to how much and what our “animate” level feels.

This is the main attribute of concealment. If we had felt that everything comes from the Creator, the Good Who Does Good, we would have seen the world differently. How can we achieve this?

The Creator sends us His attitude of the Good Who Does Good not applied to the egoistic desires, but in relation to the goal, wanting to raise us above the “animate” to the human degree. Thus, His influence always seems bad to us, harmful for the “animate” level.

In the same way, the child feels under constant pressure from his parents: “You have to eat well, don’t get dirty, clean up after yourself, keep your things in order, study this, read that, and so forth.” We constantly demand something from him, wanting to nurture the human degree in him, and this looks bad in the eyes of the “animate level” that wants to grow freely.

However, children in our world strive to look like the grownups, learn from their examples. For us, the example is the environment in which we will grow like children who develop easily.

We see that development occurs due to many efforts. And accordingly, the more good examples I have before my eyes, the less effort I will need to invest. My nature will want to be like others.

This means that if the environment is important and valuable in my eyes, if it appeals to me, if the friends play before me showing that they are great and they have connection with the Creator, if time after time they show increasingly higher and more qualitative examples, then it is easy for me to develop and I rise without much effort.

Conversely, if the environment does not give me good examples or if I ignore it, if we do not raise the Creator in our eyes together, then it is difficult to move forward. It is a problem; I do not have good teachers.

Thus, in order to not be an “animal” in the course of his development, a person has to participate in this process himself. Together with friends he builds the group, the environment, so that it always appears to him higher, growing more and more. As a result the friends for him are in the world of Infinity, and the greatness and quality of the group is compared with the Creator—and no less. If the group in his eyes is lower than the Creator, then he does not appreciate it enough in order to optimally and as quickly as possible develop with its help. This is what we should remember.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/6/13, Shamati #8 “What Is the Difference Between a Shade of Kedusha and a Shade of Sitra Achra

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