Write It On Your Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn Moses’ time writing wasn’t customary. People learned everything by heart, which means in their heart. A person isn’t meant to write; he is meant to create in order to correct himself, “to write on his heart,” to make all of his desires a suitable vessel for the perception of the Light, for the perception of the essence of creation.

If we are part of a system that is ready, what is there to write? All the books that we write are a result of our lack of understanding, and so we want to express different feelings and sensations in the form of black and white. If the black and white complement one another there is nothing to write. Everything we write stems from a deficiency.

The Torah doesn’t require all the writings. People used to learn the Torah by heart until they actually fulfilled it. My vessels have to be corrected, my internal letters, the letters of my work, and not just the letters in the book.

I can rewrite a book ten times, but it won’t help. I have to actually change according to the letters.

Moses taught his students the whole Torah, which means how to reach correction. The Torah tells us about the process of correction that this group has gone through.

Question: Did these events actually occur in corporeality?

Answer: Some may have also occurred in the corporeal world, but not necessarily. It says “it happened in the land of Egypt…,” but the Torah tells us about inner, spiritual actions that take place inside the desire. It doesn’t necessarily have to take place in our world. The spiritual root has to somehow touch the corporeal root, but only to some extent. There can be just a minor touch in the corporeal world, but in the spiritual worlds these are great and very meaningful actions.

This means that archeologists may find something in their excavations that may prove that something happened in Egypt like the parting of the Red Sea, etc., but the Torah tells us only about what happens in the desire to receive that is in every person and which has nothing to do with the corporeal world, since this whole world is fictitious.

For those who begin to fulfill the Torah in its internality, which is called the Torah of truth, this world begins to look like a meaningless external picture. After all, a person sees the forces that are behind things and this is what he speaks about; this is where things are actually fulfilled.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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