Why Men Don’t Want To Become Fathers

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Leonid Maltsev, family psychologist): “Psychological unpreparedness for parenthood is a result of a distorted picture of marriage. People who grew up in dysfunctional families might have it because a decisive role in shaping the image of the family belongs to the mother and father. A person subconsciously perceives a model of parental family as an example.

“That’s why family pathologies (infidelity, divorce, abortion, single parenthood) often do not allow grown children to create a harmonious family. They are afraid to repeat parents’ mistakes; they did not see relevant examples in their environment and have been victims of social stereotypes.

“Many modern men are not in a hurry to acquire offspring because they are sure that children: are a burden, a hindrance to careers, and an obstacle on the road to success. The fear to look like a loser in the eyes of society is the result of an aggressive anti-family and anti-child propaganda, waged in recent decades.”

My Comment: Integral education in conjunction with the all its programs and infrastructure will deliver us from all these phobias and calculations. Population demographics will then be established by natural growth.

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