Connection In The Face Of Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we connect in times of adversity, when something bad happens, but when things calm down, everything reverts back to competition and separation?

Answer: Why do we have to wait for the blows in order to connect in the face of adversity and advance towards the Creator on the path of suffering? It is better to follow the path of “I shall hasten it” (Achishena) than the path of “in its time” (Beito).

Even now, if we hold workshops in circles after the kidnapping of the three boys, it is already the path of in its time, the natural path of evolution, and not the path of hastening time, the path of I shall hasten it. But if we don’t perform any actions of connection, it will be even worse, since we will not advance but descend.

We have received a negative blow (a minus) and if we make a circle now, which means if we draw the Light that Reforms and advance further ahead, to a better state, this path is called in its time, which means the natural path of evolution.

Connection In The Face Of Evil
But if we had made this circle and advanced without the initial blow, without the minus, it would have been the path of I shall hasten it, the path of the Light.

Connection In The Face Of Evil
However, if we receive a blow and don’t make a circle, but simply advance in a certain direction, we advance towards an even greater minus, as if we descend. On the path of in its time, we somehow still advance towards the goal, but here we don’t advance towards the goal at all.

Connection In The Face Of Evil
This means that even if we hold connection workshops now, after the tragic case of the kidnapping of the boys, it will still be the path of in it time.

We have been given a method according to which we can improve our lives in every way, no matter what happens. Now we only have to use it. We have all the means. We know how to summon, to draw, the good force that will automatically correct everything, that will spread and clean everything like water. We only have to draw it by workshops, discussions in circles, etc. Do you want to use it, fine, and if not, then don’t!
From the 5thpart of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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