The Innovative Project “The Future of Humanity”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Efim Reytblat, engineer, founder of the science of gominisologii): “Looking at humanity through the eyes of an engineer, you can imagine it as a living mechanism. Like any mechanism, humanity is characterized by its model.

“The modern model of humanity has a number of nodes: the geopolitical model of humanity – the absolute state egoism, total competition, highly developed NTP, technical inventions, culture, dominated by singers, musicians, actors; criminal law, combat against evil, terrorism, corruption, drugs, ethnic strife.

“These nodes are structurally united into a single mechanism, have a common system of management and control. The nodes are interconnected and determine criminal and inefficient functioning of humanity.

“Social regulation is based on the principle of output signals – the results of people’s activities. Doctors begin to treat, inspectors – to check, police – to detain criminals, judges – to punish criminals. The regulatory role belongs to the criminal law.

“If you look at the criminal law through the eyes of an engineer, you can see that the criminal law – is the regulation, based on the principle of social output signal; it is delayed regulation. It is late; the deal has already been done, the error has been made, the offense has been committed.

“The essence of the innovative project “The Future of Humanity” is to change the model of a living mechanism. The nodes of the old model, little useful for human life, should be replaced by new nodes.

The new model of the future humanity will have the following nodes:

– The geopolitical model of humanity – planetary altruism

-The industry of methods of friendship

– Highly developed scientific-social progress

– Skillful society

– Culture, dominated by scientists, inventors, engineers

– Restored morality

– Infringement of the conscience of the corrupt

– Ridiculing the drug addict’s image

– Social inventions.

“The regulator’s role will belong to restored morality. Restored morality is the regulation, based on the principle of social input. Potent psychological sanctions will be many times more effective than the fear of prison and fines.

“A high level of innovation is due to the introduction of new sciences: inventive psychology, inventive sociology and inventive diplomacy. For 100 years, humanity has accumulated a vast array of psychological and sociological knowledge. To make a revolutionary leap what is required is not just knowledge, but social inventions.

“The competitive advantages of the new model of humanity:

1. A skillful humanity will be formed

2. New types of human will appear: homo socialis habilis – the socially skilled human and homo рsychologis habilis – the psychologically skillful human.

3. New ideals of humanity will appear.

4. Wars will end on the Earth.

5. Prisons will be closed.

6. Scientific and social progress will accelerate.”

My Comment: Everything is fine, except for one problem: how can we come to this state? Only the method of integral education and upbringing will give the answer!

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