With One Desire And One Intelligence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will the world look when we reach the final correction of humanity?

Answer: All of humanity in itself will constitute one whole unity and live within a single desire, a single mind which absorbs and encompasses it.

As people unite and begin to rise above their egoism; as a result, they consequently develop completely different ways of feeling themselves and the surrounding space.

They will begin to deepen the connection between them and be detached from this world for they will no longer waste their effort on concerns about attaining the necessities in this world.

Today, 1% – 2% of humanity could supply everything required for all the inhabitants of the globe, yet not with the excesses that now fill the markets, but only with necessary products. This would require a rather small production modernization that the current governments do not want to engage in for various reasons. Together with this, people will live reasonably and well without thinking about basic needs.

The remaining 99% of the population will begin to be involved with strengthening their inner connections through which new worlds, dimensions, and universes will be revealed to us.

The material world will begin to disappear from our feelings because it will begin to be less and less required by our senses and we will be dependent upon it less and less. In the end, when we reach full mutual integration between us, it will cease to exist. We will be found only within our mutual interaction through which the one and only force that existed before the Big Bang and which created us will be revealed. It will connect us and grasp us with absolute revelation.

Humanity must reach a state of balance and equivalence with this force that constitutes the inner force of our nature.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 11/27/13

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