Tu B’Shevat As A Turning Point In Providence

Dr. Michael LaitmanTu B’Shevat is called the New Year of trees, meaning the New Year of somebody who starts growing during these days. It’s very symbolic that we have moved to a new building at this time and will host such a huge congress that embraces three conventions in one and that we are undergoing a very special process of construction right now. All we need to do at this time is just wait for the fruit to show up so that our tree won’t be just a regular tree, but rather one that will be fruitful.

Rabash explains in his Letter No. 29 how to make a fruitful tree out of a man. Tu B’Shevat is called “Rosh Hashanah of trees” because at this time a man has completed self-scrutiny and has already decided whether it is worthwhile for him to continue the work or rather (God forbid) he decides to act the other way around. At this time, one already knows what source he draws life energy from – either out of the will to receive for one’s own sake or out of the will to bestow onto one’s Maker.

Really, these are very special days. Sometimes a man is awarded with a synchronization of his spiritual and material lives; thus one senses that holidays and weekdays are dressed in one’s internal states. During these days, one has to decide what direction to choose in life: to live for the sake of one’s body or soul. These are the days when one has to choose one or the other. If one makes a decision to advance for the sake of one’s soul, then one’s work begins.

It is said: “A man is a tree of the field.” This means that all the work that is done with the trees to make them fruitful also applies to a man. Fruit is the main thing here! “Fruit of sanctity” implies that a person merits a revelation of the Creator and turns into an ever flowing river by going from one degree to the next until one says: “Let the Maker be joyous in me, since He wants me; let Him be the crown of beauty.”

In other words, a person starts realizing that everything that happens to him and outlines the choice between his body and soul is done by the Creator. It’s He who creates all the conditions that lead us to making the decision. If the Creator brings a person to a “decision point,” it means that one has enough power, correct surroundings, and adequate support that allow one to make the right decision. From this point on, one’s destiny will be redirected correctly.

I’d like to wish all of us to always understand that “There is none else besides Him” and that there is only one force that makes everything there is. It’s the force that sends us the hardest moments in life when we have to make a decisive choice. Let us always make the right decision!
From the Talk during Meal 1/17/14

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