Gates Of Attaining Wisdom

Dr. Michael Laitman“Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Article “Two Points,” Item 121: This is the meaning of the locks on the gates. First, all the many contradictions to His uniqueness, which we taste in this world, separate us from the Creator. Yet, when exerting to keep Torah and Mitzvot with love, with our soul and might, as we are commanded—to bestow contentment upon our Maker—all those forces of separation do not affect us into subtracting any of the love of the Creator with all our souls and might. Rather, in that state, every contradiction we have overcome becomes a gate for attainment of His wisdom.

Question: What does it mean “every contradiction we have overcome becomes a gate for attainment of His wisdom…”? What is a contradiction?

Answer: A contradiction is something that can be resolved this and that. A contradiction is when one doesn’t see, agree, or understand. It’s something that does not connect with His uniqueness and with the notion of “there’s none else but Him” or with the concept of “Good that does good.” It just doesn’t fit together.

We get numerous blows from various sides. We have no idea whether they are right or wrong, but we still have to justify all of them. If we knew that it’s just a form of a punishment for something we did wrong or if we were sure that if our behavior were good, we’d receive an award instead of a punishment, then we would feel more or less fine. However, it’s against our logic. It is said: “The righteous feel bad.” There is nothing we can do about it. These states are called “contradictions” in the Upper Governance.

Question: What do “the righteous who feel bad” have to do?

Answer: Because they are righteous, they justify the Creator even though they feel bad.

Question: But the goal of creation is to bring contentment to creation. Does it really help when even though one feels bad one still justifies the Creator?

Answer: In fact, one feels good, but the truth is that there is evil in him. Obviously one suffers because of one’s own wickedness; however, one still continues justifying the Creator. That’s why one is called the righteous.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/13/14, Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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