Learn The Wisdom Of Bringing Hearts Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to explain to people what the Light that Reforms is? Nobody will believe me.

Answer: Involve them in an activity so they will feel this power themselves. Use fewer words, the main thing is that a person will get the sensation that is in the connection, that between us it is possible to create a good state. It is necessary to reach unity and closeness of hearts, and then people will feel that within this connection of the hearts there is a general higher force present for them that can control them and fill them to perfection.

If you give people an experience like this that they feel, then there will be no need to explain anything to them. You think that it is necessary to explain things like in a lecture at a university from the point of view of logic, but there is no logic here. This is something that is completely irrational.

An irrational phenomenon means that it is impossible to see a precise system that is active between the initial state and the result in it.  The system is hidden because we don’t have the senses and mind that would make it possible to see it.

This is an internal system of nature that is not seen by us. But if we near it, we begin to discern it and this world will appear transparent to us. The connections between all of its parts will be revealed and then we will see how we are connected: Israel, every human being, and all the events that are happening with us now.

Then it will be clear to us that we have no other choice in this situation: First and foremost we, as the ones who possess this method, must go out and begin to explain it to people. And we must explain that in this we are turning to the feelings of people, not their intellect, guiding them through specific states and performing exercises with them from which the understanding will come to them.

The people themselves will scrutinize all the answers by discussing our questions in circle. We don’t need to prompt them with the answer; they will find it by themselves, and that is how they will advance time after time.

That is the game! That is the way a small child learns about life. It is possible to explain it to him a thousand times, but this won’t help until he tries himself, trying to do it one way or another, and in the end it succeeds for him. In this manner he learns. It is impossible to get by without effort, without investing energy in something that we don’t know. That is how we learn and grow.

We organize a workshop in a circle and ask questions, and within the circle it is necessary to attain such a connection that within this state of unity there will be a clear answer for everyone. This is natural and true learning, like a child does. In this way we open ourselves; we develop and grow without frivolously repeating the words and opinions of someone like a mantra. Only in this way does a person grow. Despite the state of emergency and the missiles, we must go to every place where they can hear us, even in the shelters, and do everything that is required of us at this time.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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