So That All Are Well

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We conducted ten meetings on the subject of the wisdom of connection (Integral Education). As a result of them, five to seven active members were participating in the circles every time. They tried to conduct meetings like this by themselves, but they didn’t succeed. So, they understood that they couldn’t do anything without us. What else can be done for them?

Answer: You must teach them the method of integral education and information, and the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then, they won’t have problems. It is necessary to give them basic information about how the Upper Light manages the world: through Tzimtzum Aleph (the first restriction), a Masach (screen), five worlds, Partzufim, and Sefirot.

Question: But they don’t want to study Kabbalah. They simply want things to be good for them at home and at work.

Answer: Kabbalah speaks about how to realize the desire of the Creator, which is to give pleasure to His creatures, for He is good and does good, and providing benefit for people means raising them to His level.

Things will not be good for us as long as we haven’t attained the upper Light. And, in the system Kabbalah speaks of, all five worlds are what are found between us and the upper Light. Until we create a structure within us that includes them, until we correct our whole internal mess, all the division and fragmentation, so that there will be one straight line between us and the upper Light in all five levels, five worlds, five levels of Aviut; we will not feel well.

It cannot be otherwise! Even if people start another war, it will not solve anything. So, it is necessary to tell them about the inner structure of the world, but in the meantime, using other words. Tell them about the ego, about the possibility of fulfilling it. Conduct integral circles. Without them, it is impossible to disseminate our method.

People need to understand why our unity works. Because it has a power that doesn’t exist in our world; it is much higher.

Question: But a need is created in people to conduct the circles by themselves.

Answer: It doesn’t matter! In children, as with apes, there is always a need to imitate the adults. The child looks at what his father is doing and tries to repeat it by himself.

There are objective laws in nature that cannot be bypassed. If there isn’t any internal connection of the active members that you mentioned before with us and with you with the other groups, then nothing will come of this either. Only this connection works. This is because we also cannot do anything without our groups. Everyone must be together. So, those people who want to work must feel that they are a part of us.

Question: Does this mean that we are above them, that we will never be equal?

Answer: Never. The hierarchy will remain a hierarchy forever. Your Reshimo will be discovered before theirs, and so this chain reaction is permanent. I always will get spiritual advancement from my teacher Rabash, and you will get it from me. However, my connection with you produces a circle. I don’t have one student. Rather, there is a central circle. It is amazing how everything is happening in our generation.
From the Sochi Convention 6/09/14, Discussion on the Conclusions from the Activity in Sochi

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