Our Own Judges

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we be the judges in a conflict between two people when each one thinks that he is right?

Answer: In such a dispute we should complement the deficiency of each side. Both need to complement their education. It isn’t an individual who has committed a crime against humanity any more, like theft or rape, but two people who have a dispute. And so they have to go to court and see what each one lacks in order to reach an agreement between them. The court fills each one to such an extent that they can become a corrected beneficial part of society.

Question: Does that mean that the judge can raise a person to a higher level of participating in social life? Does that mean that eventually everyone will have to be on that same level or will each one remain on his own level?

Answer: Everyone has to be under the continuous influence of the education system that educates a man. After all, our ego is constantly growing and there will constantly be disputes between people. We have to intensify our integral education, that is, learn to connect between us in a better way with the growing ego.

This issue has to be in the center of public concern and in the media. We have to constantly learn the proper interaction, like our children who go to school every day. When we graduate, we cannot gladly throw away our books and think that we are free.

There is no freedom from society! I am part of the society and I have to know how to be incorporated in it correctly, every day and every moment, in the workplace, on the road, at home with the family, with the children, with the husband or the wife, with friends, with everyone. I have to constantly improve my ability to do so.

Thus we will not need judges and a judicial system, because in the constant system of the integral education we will be able to clarify every case between us, will be our own judges, and will also carry out the verdict. The judge will become an educator and a guide. The whole country needs to be divided into regions according to work places and residential areas, and by using the media everyone has to be incorporated in this system. As a citizen I have some responsibility to the state and have to be incorporated in this system. For example, I have to study half an hour each day in my work place through the Internet or in the local community center, and to be under the supervision of a guide and the right environment.

At first I listen to lectures about the need to connect and to be mutually incorporated, and then we have a workshop where we can clarify what we understand from the material and implement it in the connections between us. Everyone has to do this without an exception. Then the education and the judicial systems will merge into one system.

In the past everyone was religious and it was customary to go to the synagogue or to the church every day and even several times a day. This is exactly how we should engage in integral education. This is how the Israeli nation lived two thousand years ago, but after the destruction of the Temple the whole system fell apart.

Question: It appears that in a corrected society every citizen regardless of his age, whether he is a young child or an elderly person, has to work on connection and on the right attitude towards others every day?

Answer: Absolutely. This is necessary even for the oldest people. If it is difficult for them to leave home, we should arrange for them to study at home. As long as a person is alive he has to constantly improve his attitude towards society. This is how the corrected society operates.

Question: Will there be a judicial system in a corrected society?

Answer: When everyone studies according to the integral education everyone will learn how to be judges, how to implement a verdict, and how to fulfill this decision on themselves and on others. All this will be generated in the circles when we gather to clarify and to listen to the right laws concerning the global integral connection among us.
From the program “A New Life” 6/17/2014

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