Put Judges and Guards At All The Gates

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In a corrected society when someone harms me must there be a judge to whom I can turn with my complaint?

Answer: No, I must sit together with the one who harmed me and scrutinize the incident. It might be necessary to invite additional people so we will have ten people in a circle. The problem is not that he did something bad to me; rather it is that we have done general harm to everyone.

The dispute between us is not a private problem between me and you. Through it we have harmed the entire society and so it is up to us to solve it in a general way, with the participation of the society. There is nothing to be ashamed of and hide here. It is very important to scrutinize together with everyone how we can correct this defect. You did not hurt me personally; rather through me you hurt the entire society. This approach is absolutely different from that which exists today. So all of us must scrutinize what the damage is, why this happened, and correct it together.

Basically, it is up to us to acknowledge that we are guilty that you committed a transgression. This is because for us as a society there wasn’t a strong enough influence to keep you on the right track. This means that the person who committed the transgression is not guilty; rather first of all the society, his environment is guilty of not investing enough in him and making it possible for him to behave this way. This is a much more global problem than how it seems to us today.

Question: In a circumstance like this, what is the role of the judge?

Answer: The judge only helps us to reach clarification; he explains to us that the problem is not in an isolated person, rather in his environment. The person is a product of his environment. He is born with us and was always among us. We are familiar with him, where he studies, his workplace, his family. So what happened all of a sudden that we didn’t succeed in holding him to higher morality? Why did he suddenly fall? Apparently he lost the connection with us, and so we are to blame!

Question: It is logical that the judgment is not only in regard to the perpetrator, but the entire society?

Answer: As is understood, the judgment is not in regard to him at all. He is a product of the society, so all blame is on the environment.

Question: If so, must we scrutinize all of the minor controversies here and there between one person and another together with the entire society from morning to night?

Answer: It could be that this is so. But through this all of us advance. We discover the places where we have not worked enough on the connection between us making it possible for us to influence each other. In this way the entire society will rise. Newer and newer problems will be revealed, but they will strengthen the unity in a society all the time until it becomes like“one person with one heart.

Question: This is completely different from our attitude today where there is the accused and the accusers. Today the court determines who is right and who is to blame. And in a corrected society, individual guilt doesn’t exist at all and all scrutiny happens on the societal level?

Answer: Indeed even today the perpetrator asks the court for a pardon, justifying himself by saying that he grew up without parents, outside of the home, in a bad environment, was expelled from school, and lacks education. He also comes with claims against the society.

But we are not ready to hear these claims; instead we simply send him to prison for ten years. But maybe it is worthwhile to listen, could it be that he is justified? But the society is not ready to hear this.

The court system in the corrected society is found in the hands of the people and the nation judges itself. Through this it rises all the time. This is what meant, (Deuteronomy 16:18) “You shall set up judges and law enforcement officials for yourself in all your cities….”
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 6/17/14

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