Looking For A Solution In A Circle Of Equals

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In a workshop, in a circle, does everyone have to express their opinion?

Answer: No, this is not a televised debate which fill all of the channels now. If everyone starts bringing arguments from his corporeal mind and showing everyone how smart he or she is, this won’t lead to anything. In a circle there is no place for wise guys. We require connection only, and in connection all are equal.

We come to a workshop to connect and find the power of unity, shared wisdom. So among us there are no righteous or smart alecks, nobody is right or wrong, rather all are equal. We gather to invest inner, mental efforts for the sake of unity between us, to feel the power of our unity within the inner connection between us. This power is discovered thanks to our efforts.

There is no place here for debates. Essentially, there isn’t even a need to talk. It would be even better if we could invest inner efforts and connect without words at all. Yet since we are not used to this, we are forced to talk about something. And the subject could be most common and familiar.

Nobody in a circle expresses their opinion! I listen to what you are saying and agree with you 100%.

Question: But we are talking about current events: leaving Gaza or not, acting this way or another.

Answer: What do we have to talk about this to begin with? Are we a cabinet that makes decisions?

Question: But we want to hear what everyone thinks.

Answer: What do I need to hear what everybody thinks? How does that help me? We gather in a circle not to hear the opinions of everyone, rather to scrutinize the unique mission of the people of Israel. So we discuss our history, our role, our wisdom, why we are like this. It is necessary to speak about this and not about the operation in Gaza.

I understand that this is a question that is burning inside people, bur one has to gradually move from the deed to what caused it: Why is this happening this way? Why do we find ourselves thrown into a situation like this all the time? Why does it keep repeating all the time? Why can’t we correct it once and for all? What do the neighbors want from us and what do we want from them? Is there a higher power here that is “heating” up our relationship all the time?

It is possible to begin with current events and gradually move toward a more internal discussion. We flee from actual questions and only want to go deeply into their sources.

If we begin to discuss how to fight and how the enemy reacts, what is correct and what is not, and what all the politicians say about the subject, it will go on forever, without any benefit. It is up to us to try to scrutinize the cause, the solution. After all, the cause and the solution are found in one place.

But usually people only talk about external consequences that get renewed every day and feed mass media.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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  1. You are amazing. Thank you for your teachings.

  2. I m in contact with people lol over the world of like mind. I tell them about you and your blog as I think you clarify what we are involved in. It would be nice if we could meet tho it’s not nec early as I see we re of like mind.
    Will we ever reach reality? How can we sustain spiritual experiences? Nancy Nixon

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