The Unity Of Brothers: The Best Gift For The Father

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What turns all our prayers into one prayer? How can we ask for the same thing together?

Answer: In order to do that we have to clarify time after time that it is impossible to raise a prayer alone. Such a prayer is not accepted.

Our goal is that the desire to receive will come together into one whole with one intention, like it was before. There was wholeness until the shattering inserted the intention to bestow into every grain of the desire to receive. Now this shattered intention is under the domination of the ego, but by that there is a connection between the two desires—the desire to receive and the desire to bestow, as if they were mixed and they can be together.

But this connection brings up the question: How should we work? How should we clarify things if we take into account that the desires are in you? Since you have to process your “private” part. The correction is not when the desire to bestow controls the desire to receive, but when after the shattering, the desires to receive are connect by the desires to bestow.

We are inclined to work individually: “I am willing to do whatever the Creator requires of me.” If He wants me to bestow, I will bestow; if He wants me to adhere to Him, I will adhere. I am ready for anything in my private vessels, “Just tell me what I have to do.” But to connect with others by the attributes of bestowal that you inherited during the shattering—no way.

In the meantime, the Creator enjoys your action that is aimed at connection. Because then you are using His power, and instead of hating others you love them. By that you develop yourself towards the force of love, by wanting to resemble the Creator, although you seem to have no relations with Him. You intend to bring Him contentment eventually, but the action itself is fulfilled among us; your unity with the friends is a pleasure for the Creator.

We are made of desires to receive that want to be filled, and also of desires to bestow that are looking for a chance to make a profit at the expense of bestowal upon others, to use others in a more cunning way. You have to turn all this around, in order to connect to others, “as one man in one heart.” If you connect with the friends in order to bring the Creator contentment, and if at the same time you become like Him in your desire to receive, then you are bringing Him contentment by that and thus achieve what is desirable.

The child He created and prepared finally wants to resemble Him, to be like his father; he wants to be independent, to resemble Him in his actions. You cannot and you do not need to do anything but bringing Him this pleasure—growing by the connection with others.
From the 2nd part the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/12, The Zohar

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