If The Group Divides Into Factions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I made a choice and entered the group, but sometimes disagreements arise. What should we do to stop them?

Answer: First of all, we must be aware of problems in the group. We mustn’t cover them up or pretend they don’t exist. For example, a group has thirty or forty members, and everyone is pulling to their side, or they are creating factions.

It is essential to understand that we are under the upper governance which arranges these factions and disagreements for us. Why? This is so that we rise above our problems to the One who brought them to life. It is He who gives the start to all problems between us. He even admits, “I created the evil inclination.”

But why? It is so that you may use the Torah as a spice, meaning that you would start desiring the Light that Reforms hidden in it. When you demand the Light, you rise above problems to the one Source from whence all evil and good derives.

Question cont.: Yes, but there are more problems after that.

Answer: You need to accumulate the necessary power of desire and the Light that Reforms in order to ascend to the first spiritual degree. Hence, problems grow and will not stop growing.

Leave it to the Creator; He knows what to do. This is why He speaks of having created the evil inclination for you to understand that everything comes from one Source. You just need to make it the basis of your work. We have nothing else.

The key is to adhere to this. Some friends may become rivals, while others don’t take anybody’s side. Let there be a mess in the group, but take it all as a package prepared by the Creator. He set it up, and my job is to always row toward unity, either with friends or despite them, in all sorts of states.

This is what we call being “as one man with one heart.” Otherwise, over what ground will we unify? The foundation of our unity is not the “nice kids,” but bullies and roosters. We fight and hate, but above all that, we unite as one whole. Love for one’s neighbor arises precisely above this, and that is when you come to receive the Torah.

Whether you agree or not, this principle won’t change. While in the group, we have to decide that there is no way out, that we are agreeing with it already, albeit artificially. We stop arguing and start pretending to love one another. We study in hopes that the Light that Reforms will influence us and establish a connection among us. During the lesson, everybody thinks: “I wish He had helped just a little.”

Otherwise, we will bite each other’s head off, unable to complete the exercise the Creator assigned us to do. It is He who “lured” us into this, as if He placed us into a computer game, a polygon restricted by the sides of the screen. We are inside of it. What do we do now?

This is the place where we must establish new relations that we wish to achieve. What do we lack on this playing field where we all hate each other, scattered like dots on the screen? What do we do?

We must reveal the Light that Reforms. Let us learn to demand for it to occur. It is easier said than done. The problem is that we have to wait until the new degree unfolds in all its might, which takes time. After all, the first spiritual degree is especially high; you can’t just jump onto it. Compared to the first, the other degrees are already easier.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. For instance,a person who studies kabbalah is in a virtual relationship.Does the woman he likes in his imagination will recognize or know him?

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