The Good Ones Spreading Like A Good Virus

Laitman_201_01Question: HaTovim (The Good Ones) a grassroot movement from Kabbalah La’Am, already have been widely recognized. Hundreds of volunteers are protecting kindergartens throughout Israel in order to restore the sense of security in children and calm parents in the midst of the wave of terror we are facing.

Thousands of people already have responded to this initiative and expressed their readiness to take part in it.

In addition to that, more than a million people have learned about the Good Ones on Facebook, and the news is spreading quickly like a virus of goodness. How does a ray of light suddenly spread throughout our society that is totally divided?

Answer: This initiative brings the upper force into the system because it stems from love, and love is the upper force.

It brings the connections between people to life, and they feel a vital spiritual energy of holiness. This holiness is love, connection, mutual thoughtfulness, and a non-egoistic desire to make everyone feel good.

It all depends on the nice and good relations and connection between us. If the whole of the Israeli nation joined such activities of mutually helping one another, we would not only put an end to this Intifada, but we also would attain complete peace with our neighbors.

We need to see the conflict with the Arab states and the Arabs living in Israel as an example of the inner conflict between us and the division between Jews. This is the only reason, and the Torah tells us about it. If you read it correctly, you understand that it is only by correcting the connection between Jews that we also correct the connection between Jews and Arabs.

All the holy books speak first and foremost about love of others, and this love should be first among the nation of Israel. This is the precondition for our correction. If we begin to fulfill it toward one another, we would immediately feel how all the evil forces in the world calm down.

It is because we produce them by the division and the bad relations between us. A positive attitude toward one another, on the other hand, is the remedy for all the problems and will lead to the world to peace and tranquillity. It simply works.

The Torah speaks only about the relations among the nation of Israel. If we corrected our relations for the good, they would affect the entire world, which would align with it. After all, “Israel” means “Li Rosh” (my head), and the rest of the world is the body, and whatever is in the head spreads throughout the body. This is the law of the spiritual system.

And so everything depends on the Israeli nation that determines the state of the entire world. This is the reason that the peoples of the world blame Israel for all of their troubles, and these accusations are justified. The whole Torah verifies that when it tells us that everything depends on the relations between the Jews who determine the state of the world.

We should internalize what the Torah says and what the peoples of the world are telling us, and decide that it is time to start our correction. All we must do is to attain love among the nation of Israel. The love of Israel is connected to the love of the created beings, which is connected to the love of the Creator.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/18/15

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