The Living Breathing Network

laitman_550Question: I agree that the salvation of the Israeli nation is in our unity, and I am trying to establish good relations with people at home and at work, but I see that even the most trivial conflicts immediately annul all my efforts and lead to anger and disputes.

So, how can I attain this unity if I am not righteous and easily explode the moment someone cuts me off on the road?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah isn’t about the simple relationships between us but about something that is totally different. It teaches that if we want to see the world correctly, we must act as if we are united, especially in such cases when anger and dissatisfaction erupt in us.

If there is a conflict on the road, at work. or in the family and we know how to work above all these interruptions by intensifying the connection between us, our unity is tightened by this connection and we begin to feel how this world is built. We see how all the elements of nature are connected, and then we begin to see and feel that this network lives and breathes.

We discover that we are all in it, connected by endless connections, and that the distance between us isn’t empty, but are like air, full of radio waves in all infra- and ultra-frequencies. We discover that we are all connected and that this connection is in continuous motion, in special dynamics.

We feel the flow of life in this connection and begin to affect the connection between us, and consequently, our fate. It is because the good fate depends on our mutual relationships, and this change is in our hands. Then we will not have to fight our neighbors and will be able to solve all the problems by the good connections among the Israeli nation.

We will not have to depend on the politics of foreign governments such as America, Russia, and France. We can correct the entire world by strengthening and intensifying the connection among the Jewish nation. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is about. The Jews were given this opportunity, and therefore it is painful to see how we are destroying our own life and the life of the entire world.

The world understands that the Israeli nation can improve everyone’s life and that it doesn’t do so, and so it blames the Jews for all its problems. It is actually the Jewish nation that can affect the network of connections between all the nations and make everyone’s life in this world wonderful.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/8/15

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