The Useless Services Of The Jews

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Jews have been persecuted throughout history. However, the charges against them are always different: the death of Jesus, the economy, politics, and world dominance. It seems illogical, since the reasons change all the time while the hatred remains.

The world is evolving and internalizing new values, such as tolerance and human rights. In the West, the religious hostility from the past no longer exists, but the hatred towards the Jews has not lost its fervor.

In the background facts are distorted, sometimes completely unrealistically. They blame us for things that have no relationship with reality and even such things that cause real damage to us. Our footprints are found in a wide range of disasters and there are an endless number of fabrications.

Disproportionate reactions to the Jewish question have become a tradition. Thirty-five percent of the decisions of the UN Human Rights Council condemn Israel, 60% of the emergency meetings of the UN General Assembly are convened against Israel and 70% of the current decisions are devoted to Israel.

In the past year, a UN translator forgot to turn off her microphone and expressed herself regarding the strange obsession of the world community in connection to Israel while other nations are encountering innumerable problems.

In brief, Israel focuses the attention of the world upon itself as a negative factor that invites general revulsion and hatred.

It is even more surprising considering the background of the investment of Jews in many different areas of world development.

As we have previously indicated, the nations of the world feel a fundamental and internal opposition towards the Jewish people in whose possession are two forces—bestowal and reception—while they themselves only hold onto the egoistic force of reception.

So our acts of kindness and charity don’t interest anyone. Unconsciously we are waiting for the world to recognize our service, “Look at how much benefit we have brought.” However, this benefit is not taken into account and is irrelevant, and nobody is even asking us for these favors. Instead and on the contrary, people feel that we are the bearers of evil. They really feel this.

It would seem that everything is clear: Our Nobel Prizes and the rest of the awards present as irrefutable proof, whereas our harm is dished out in the form of baseless libel and slander. And even so, everyone believes in the negativity and doesn’t take the positive into account.

The time has come for us to understand this approach of the nations and understand that they demand something else from us. They demand that we make their lives better.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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