Learn From The Children And Not From Television Talk Shows

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The integral discussion is a very unique program. Basically, people will come to see how problems that interest them can be solved at the roundtable. However, regular talk shows that attract television viewers generally remind one of conflicts or fist fights.

Answer: I always talk only about our need to influence each other in a positive manner, without “opposition.” You might deny this and say that this is incorrect, unimaginable, and unacceptable, that through this kind of a discussion, we won’t attract anyone, but I know only one thing: A problem cannot be solved through argument.

From the screen, I show the television viewer how a problem can be solved without actually touching upon it because the problem exists on level “A,” and I raise the panelists to level “B.” When I take them to this level and maybe even to level “C” or “D,” they transform into something else.

Question: In Wikipedia, it is written that, in a roundtable, people don’t accommodate themselves to the opinion of the other. Rather, they add their own opinion.

Answer: I relate respectfully to the public roundtables, but integral roundtables are something absolutely different. What I mean is that its form is absolutely different. It is only positive!

In no way should you express opposition. Rather, everyone is completed on a new, corrected level. One doesn’t enter into any confrontations or expressions of dissent. In this way, we are playing at being on the next level; we only add. If someone expresses his opinion, I explain that it is possible to do even better, saying, “Adding to what my friend said, I suppose that we can do more of this and that.”

I am always building our next integral level together with the others. This is based only on agreement between us—only on agreement! We always rise higher and higher. This is never done through opposition and contradiction. There is no opposition and contradiction!

Question: However, if there are no arguments or reservations, we cannot reach a decision.

Answer: If this is a true and proper workshop, the people are like children playing at building a common home. This makes it more exciting and engaging for them than if they were destructive or directed against each other.

I see how children instinctively use this when they want to play together and not alone. When they are interested in the results of their labor becoming some kind of structure, like trains or cities, then something will turn around and they will work together.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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