To Be Divested Of All Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: After the Integral Education lessons, people sit in circles and begin to discuss problems. How is this done?

Answer: Generally a lesson with the presentation of clips, pictures, and even breaks goes on for a maximum of one hour, more than this would be difficult for people to keep up with. After that, they must internalize the material that they have learned.

After the talk comes the workshop which must include those questions that were touched upon during the talk in perhaps a slightly different form. So everyone will internalize them, people need to talk about them with friends in the circles. They need to be discussed, felt in the form of questions, in the form of doubts, in the form of some direction, intention, so that the people can reach that opinion to which we wanted to bring them to from the beginning, but now through discussions with others.

From the start we can say to a person that even if he doesn’t agree with something, now he must give a secondary importance to his disagreement. Suppose that he has pre-existing prejudices from the society in which he has been educated and has lived. He must put these prejudices to the side and try, on the contrary, to be an advocate for our opinion and to convince everyone else that the future for which we are now yearning is the only correct and possible one from the present condition in which we now exist. We give him time for this, some advice, and carry on a discussion in this spirit.

That is, we are not trying to lead students into a discussion, but rather to put them into a state where they will imagine the next world, the coming state, play with it, protect it, and convince others that it is correct. Through discussion, a person will begin to see that he gradually truly agrees with it. Therefore we always direct the student not to be defensive and resistant, not to argue; rather, we direct him with positive influences to rise to the state to which we want to bring him.

Question: Is it possible to use the integral method to solve specific problems?

Answer: When we begin to use the integral method, then specific problems will be solved on their own. If I reach a collective where there are differences of opinion and problems, I don’t talk about them at all, I don’t touch upon them. In no way am I going to awaken the “beast” who sits in every one of them because one “match” can set fire to the whole world. This would be the wrong approach. Only by divesting (shedding) ourselves of all problems will we direct ourselves towards our connection.
From KabTV’s “Wisdom of Crowds” 5/14/13

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