The “Mosaic” Of The Earth Is One Of A Kind

laitman_746_01In the News ( “The mineral composition of the Earth is one of a kind. The special distribution of the minerals is not found anywhere else in the universe.

“The original material of the solar system was composed of ten primitive minerals. Later, the planets, their moons and the asteroids of the solar system were formed from them. Now on the face of the Earth there exist more than 5,000 minerals known to science. The scientists traced the evolution of the minerals for 4.5 billion years with the help of a computerized statistical model. The simulations showed that the depths of the Earth are a mosaic of unique elements. The great diversity in the mineral world is explained by the fact that two-thirds of the minerals appeared thanks to the activities of microorganisms. So a complete planetary clone of the Earth will never be found.”

My Comment: Because all of nature, and not only our Earth, are adapted to the specific role for humans!

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