As The People, So Is Their Leader

laitman_281_02Question: In spirituality, Moses is the head and the people are the body. Why is the role of Moses to join the people to him. And if we are talking about a true leader, this is hard work, full of pain, blood and tears.

Answer: In an egoistic world, everything happens completely differently. A leader prefers control and money. And the movement toward the goal seems different.

Read the Book of Psalms by King David in which he praises the Creator or writes about his own insignificance. This is an absolutely different approach.

King David was engaged morning to evening only with the correction of his people and pulling them closer to bestowal and love. He was the central organizer of the people as a unified altruistic whole. His role was to consolidate the entire mass into a single family.

This is a job for all ministers of all government systems, the concern for how to manage an immense mass of the people so they eventually would become closer and feel themselves as one complete whole.

He had the responsibility of facing the upper force, the Creator. What inner tension, what intense internal discipline, to dedicate every moment in life to this without letting go?! It is incredible. This was very demanding, serious work on himself.

After all, here it is necessary to take account of everything: how you sleep, eat, dress, speak, what you do, and where your mind is at every moment. And it should all be only in a constant state of ascent, like a clock ticking, another second, more and more, and it must be ticking always.

If we were ask a person from our world if he would be ready to be a leader like this, he would answer, “No, this is such a lofty duty. I could not even get close to it.”

So, in the past, the leaders in Israel or a prophet were appointed by the Creator; i.e., they were at a level where nothing belonged to them.

But today everything is turned upside down: corruption and greed, just to build a villa or get some island for yourself. In this way, the Creator is showing the people that everything is over; we need to work on ourselves because the leaders who sprout up from the masses today cannot be otherwise.

It follows that the public are the ones who must take on a serious obligation of moral transformation. Otherwise, there will be no results, and the future leaders will be much worse than the present ones.

Remembering the leaders of fifty years ago, we would say they were idealists. To us, that is how it seems it was then. But in fact, they held the same egoistic ideals. But then, the principle, “It is good to die for our country,” prevailed, whereas today only calculations prevail and the rest doesn’t matter.

Now people are beginning to gradually understand that they are in an ideological dead end and they must do something. Even though we have changed who the puppets in government, the police, and the judicial system are , they always will always be the most egoistic and corrupt.

So, the people must change themselves. This  is the only way we can the whole environment that is completely outdated.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/15

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  1. Absolutely right! Thanx for sharing this light.

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