The Unlimited Power Of The Mind

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe geneticist Bruce Lipton claims that a person can overcome any illness by using the power of the mind, and that a focused mental effect can change the body’s genetic code.

Doctors have known for ages about the placebo effect: that by believing in the power of a certain medicine, a person can change the physiological processes in his body, even down to the molecular level, thus changing his genetic code. This can be achieved in different ways: by a special diet, by the influence of a powerful medium or by certain physical exercises. But Lipton believes that the most powerful effect on our health is actually the mind.

The main difference between man and other living creatures is that man can change his body and heal himself from hereditary and terminal diseases by mentally instructing the body. The problem is that only few of those who believe in the power of self-healing using mind power really do believe in it and are therefore successful. Most people subconsciously deny this option. In order to achieve self-healing, we have to overcome the barrier that is placed by our subconscious so that we will be able to influence our mind and thus the cellular processes and the genetic code.

My Comment: I believe that nothing is stronger than the  power of the mind, and that it is easier to control this power in a collective when a person annuls himself, lowers his psychological barrier, and allows others to influence him.

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