Can We Measure The Effect Of Thoughts?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can ten or more people who think positive about someone who is ill have an effect on him?

Answer: Yes, but where will you find ten such people whose influence would be strong enough to really manifest and be measurable?

I knew an American professor who received government funding for conducting similar studies in different places around the world. He carried out about sixty studies of the influence of masses who share similar ideas over different parts of the globe. However, honestly, I wasn’t interested in his results. I don’t believe that it is possible to come up with any real conclusions here. He may have had some statistical data, but nothing more than that. How can we measure the impact of such phenomena, how  it manifests, as the evil or the good eye?

It is impossible to discover any connection since an ordinary person cannot discover such an influence and cannot work with it; he cannot accumulate it, measure it, or compare it. It is possible only if one is on the level of a group whose members work together on gradually developing a common sensory “organ” which can feel new attributes and new common characteristics. The connection that is created between them can influence any of them. Then, this group becomes a detector.

Question: What do you think about a family? Is a family with its natural ties considered a group, or is it not enough?

Answer: If a member of the family is ill, the other members also may feel bad, of course. This is common knowledge, and doctors know and understand this. Moreover, they also say that cancer is spread on an energetic level.

If we look around us, we can see that pets, for example, suffer from the same maladies as their owners. If the owner is depressed, then their cat or dog also will suffer from the same malady, although animals normally do not suffer from depression. This means that illness is transmitted on an energetic level.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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