Cursing And DNA Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (forum):In a recent experiment it was discovered that the seeds of plants that were sworn and cursed at didn’t succeed in sprouting. They examined what happened to the seeds from a biological aspect and discovered that cursing and swearing damaged the genetic mechanism of the plant, bringing about immediate death.

“Words can be delivered in the form of electromagnetic frequencies that directly affect the properties and structure of the DNA molecules. These molecules are responsible for human inheritance. So the content of human speech directly affects the human genome. If a person constantly uses profane language, his chromosomes begin to actively transform their structure, and a negative program is created within the DNA molecules. These distortions gradually change the structure of the DNA, and this is transmitted to the descendants of the organism. The accumulation of negative characteristics can also be called a ‘self-destruct program.’  

“Cursing stimulates a genetic mutation effect, similar in intensity to the radioactivity of 1.000 X-Ray films. So a word is a double-edged sword, and the DNA grasps the word and its meaning. With the help of word, speech and thought (speech being the result of thought), the person sculpts his genetic mechanism like a statue. So from generation to generation, destructive processes increase like a snowball, becoming ingrained in the human genome through speech. Along with this, it is meaningless to the DNA whether the speech participant is a living person or a television character.”

My Comment: Everything that exists, not only what we feel, penetrates through infinite lines of connection and dependencies that completely fill the void between all objects. We detect an insignificant fraction of existence and, to an even smaller extent, the connections between its parts. Moreover, we discover an imaginary world that doesn’t exist at all, or more precisely exists only in our imagination. But the essential thing that we must clarify is that all of our thoughts and actions have an immense influence on all the worlds!

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this to us precisely and so it teaches us in what manner we should behave. This behavior is not according to what we feel, because we feel the imaginary world, but according to what truly exists. So the general rules (bestowal and love), which the wisdom of Kabbalah calls to be implemented, seem imaginary to us.

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