The Trend Of Our Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If people are forced to sit at desks as a necessity in order to make ends meet, then how will they be able to come to the Creator? Under pressure?

Answer: Of course! Didn’t we come to Him under pressure?

Look at everyone who is sitting next to you. Do you see joyful, happy faces? Take a look at these sour faces. What holds them here and compels them to come to class at night? Only what creates a desire in them, a need, a lack, no matter what.

People will either intoxicate themselves with drugs, or they will have to be engaged in unification.

We must understand that the trend will remain. People will suffer blows that can only be cured by unity. The growing egoism will manifest in us more and more clearly as a guiding force against itself. We will feel more and more its “suicide” by which the ego shows us that it cannot be used.

In the end, we will realize that the most important thing is to get rid of egoism, and it helps us in this process. Gradually it becomes more and more opposite to the Light; it turns out that, on the one hand we are developing, and on the other hand we are constantly feeling the negativity of our development.

Moreover, the negativity of our development does not remain at the same level, but qualitatively increases all the time; we become smarter, wiser, more experienced, and that is why we begin to perceive and analyze our development from a completely different point of view.

When experiencing blows twenty years ago, we did not understand where they came from. We thought that the most important thing was developing the economy, how much interest goes to this or that, and according to this  we considered our lives to be more or less successful; today we have stopped calculating the interest. Nowadays many already know that egoism forces us to “eat” ourselves; we have come to the realization of evil.
From a Talk About Dissemination 10/17/13

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