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laitman_214Question: In our world, the term “spiritual” points to a wide variety of human characteristics, from a subtle and delicate understanding of art to all kinds of possible altruistic activities. From your point of view, who truly can be called a spiritual person?

Answer: A spiritual person is someone who possesses knowledge of the system of management of our world.

The upper world, or the spiritual world, is a system that influences us and totally holds us within its network. We can discover it, but only in tangible conditions. If a person carries out particular actions upon himself, acquiring particular characteristics, then he begins to feel the system of the higher forces and becomes a spiritual person.

Spirituality is a field that is involved with the arrangement of the higher forces that manage our world. It seems to us that this is found somewhere far away, but in fact, it is here next to us, but we simply don’t feel it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah exists to reveal this system to a person. It makes it possible for us to really feel the higher forces such that a person doesn’t merely feel this system, but through it, he begins to manage our world. To the degree that he becomes spiritual, he blends with the system of upper forces so that he can become integrated within the management of creation.

In this manner, the wisdom of Kabbalah is aimed at bringing all of humanity to the possibility of managing our world, our destiny, changing this world, but only through the system of the upper world. So, today we are finding that we cannot do anything with ourselves, with our world, with our lives.

We are in terrible situations. We don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow: Families are falling apart; children are leaving their parents; all the regular trends of society are crumbling; science and culture are at an impasse. Everything is disappearing somewhere, seeping through the fingers into oblivion. People are deteriorating into violence and useless aggression, emptiness, drugs, and meaningless lives.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this situation of the world to us. On the one hand, it is global, and, on the other hand, negative, nihilistic, and from this, a person will be able to understand that no other escape is left for him to improve his life, to understand what he is living for, to attain the meaning of life, but only through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

So, it is being discovered specifically in our time, whereas for thousands of years it was concealed and was called the hidden wisdom.

Specifically through revealing this wisdom, a person becomes ready to see the world through a system of higher forces of management, becoming ready to be integrated into this system.

When he rises above everything, he attains a feeling of eternity and wholeness. In other words, a spiritual person is someone who manages the forces found beyond the limits of the physical world, even beyond his fate.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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