Involuntary “Freedom Of Will”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where does the freedom of will lie?

Answer: A person in our world has no free will. He is born in an already completed state and develops the innate qualities with which he was born and which he did not choose himself under the influence of the environment. Neither his inner parameters nor the external ones that influence him are not chosen by him, and that is why there is no freedom in that.

The freedom exists only in selecting a specific environment so that it would shape me to be the way that I want to be. I choose my environment in accordance with the kind of individual that I wish to become.

There is a problem here too: On what basis do I think that precisely this environment suits me and not another? Basically, there are still many more internal clarifications here until a person develops fully and understand what he needs. In principle, one understands it in his heart, he senses it: Where exactly is my freedom of will. And this isn’t easy. But we must bring practically every single person to this state.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” 12/12/11

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  1. It seems that the source providing me the Middle Line here, my free will, my “I,” is the very root — through the next level of my perception of “Creator,” to Infinity itself.

    By it very Nature — it is paradox rather than logical conclusion, and it seems that therein lies true Freewill. Till then it seems a binary matter, a free choice in appearance, but not Essence. [It seems that free choice is an “ability” available to Zero, and free will, to Infinity.]

    Obviously, per the Baal HaSulam, we can’t know Esssence which is why we cannot really understand the essence of “I” — free will (even freechoice really). After all, our very understanding would be some finite logic, a pre-defined place that could never contain actual freewill.

    In a very deep sense, if we could understand freewill (or freechoice), it wouldn’t exist. We can only act on it…

  2. It is only when we understand where we came from, what have we done or have decided to do to even the past doing or undoing that we will fully understand freewill and be determined to continue on to the path of Light.

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