Connecting Two Opposites? Only In Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Freedom”: You need to determine further that we distinguish two forces in that force called the “will to receive”: 1. The attracting force. 2. The rejecting force.

These two forces are always combined in us and never act independently. What’s more, the whole essence, all the attributes in all the creatures, on every level of the spiritual and the corporeal worlds, eventually depend on the combination and adaptability of the rejecting force and the attracting force.

In our world we see that cooperation between the particles of the atom determines the state of matter and the type of matter: gases, liquids, metals, rocks, minerals, etc. Mutual relations between people are also assessed by the combination of these two forces: of hate and rejection and love and connection. It is the same with regards to our mutual connections with the Creator.

We reach perfection when we discover our full force of rejection and above it the full attracting force. In other words, when we work by the middle line, we use these two forces, until we achieve the ideal unity between them. All the other factors serve and assist us in the intermediate phases.

So a person becomes a man when he can use these two opposing forces, the drawing and the rejecting, like one whole thing. He combines them by the middle line.

In our world this is impossible. What is more, here they both act on the egotistic side. In the spiritual world, however, they are indeed opposites, one is for connection and the other is against it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the spiritual unity of these two forces: how to use both of them efficiently and to reach positive results, while no one neutralizes the other or “pulls the blanket” over to its side, as it happens in our world.

For example, friction and the weight of matter inhibit the rotation of the wheels of a car, and so energy is required to move it forward. If the attracting force is stronger than the stopping force, the car moves forward, and if not, it stands still. So the result always depends on the calculation: how much stronger is one force than the other.

In spirituality they actually connect: the hardness of the Masach (screen) and the coarseness of the desire operate as one. They create Zivug deHaka’a between them, which means that first the action of Haka’a takes place and then the connection. The vessel reaches its spiritual realization according to the level of the connection and acquires the spiritual form. Only so is it possible to reach the right result. It depends on the internal matter of the desire, that rejects, and on its external form, which attracts us forward.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/12, “The Freedom”

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