Spiritual And Corporeal Freedom

Laitman_712_03Question: Does spiritual freedom depend on the corporeal world?

Answer: Spiritual freedom doesn’t depend on the corporeal world in any way. Special upper forces are revealed in a Kabbalist and help him attain spiritual freedom and provide him with the attribute of love and bestowal that enables him to exit himself and float above his egoism. Therefore, he doesn’t feel the limitations of his body and this world. There is no connection between matter and spirit, and a person can ascend the spiritual levels and, at the same time, remain the way he is in the corporeal world with the same character, the same tastes, and the same habits.

Question: Does that mean that there is nothing spiritual in matter?

Answer: Absolutely not. The still, vegetative, and animate levels belong to our corporeal world. These levels of development operate according to the egoistic law of the conservation of energy. According to this law, every particle wants to sustain only itself and at the expense of others, by whatever means. What’s important is constantly to maximize its condition.

Question: Does corporeal freedom depend on the spiritual world?

Answer: In earlier generations, corporeal freedom did not depend on the spiritual world. However, today, it is indeed so because in our times, the spiritual world and the corporeal world are getting closer. Therefore, we encounter increasingly greater problems in the corporeal world and, at the same time, more opportunities to discover the spiritual world. If we perceive and understand the spiritual world, we will be able to affect our corporeal world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/17/16

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