Land Of Mountains And Valleys

laitman_747_03Torah, Deuteronomy 11:11: But the land, to which you pass to possess, is a land of mountains and valleys and absorbs water from the rains of heaven, …

The land of Israel is described very poetically, but the Torah is not referring to physical images.

Water, symbolizing the life-giving force, is the Light of Hassadim. This is exactly what is missing in order to revive everything, because the Light of Hochma—the Light of knowledge and power—is a very strong, tough, hard light. Clothed in the Light of Hassadim—the light of mercy and mutual connection—it connects the right and left lines.

They complement each other so easily and simply and interact with each other in such a way that we begin to feel ourselves as existing in another dimension in which almost all of the physical sensations of our world—distance, weight, and height—disappear.

An entirely different measure appears, a measure of the correct interaction is when you dissolve in two opposite forces, move between them along the middle line, and all of itself is revealed before you.

Question: Why is it written that this is a land of mountains and valleys?

Answer: The mountains symbolize the height of the Light of Hochma, and valleys are the expansion of the Light of Hassadim. These two parameters must be balanced with each other.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/15/16

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