The Merit Of Religions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Primitive tribes that have survived until our day live much more peacefully and in greater mutual altruism than people who belong to any representatives of any religion. Why is religion considered such a good thing? After all, we could all live a quiet peaceful life without it, grazing our goats and living on the fruit of the earth.

Answer: If we lived that way we would remain on the animate level, living in a cave or a hut, hunting mammoths, fishing, and everything would be fine. But the process of evolution is not up to us.

We develop thanks to the egoism that grows in us, thanks to our evil nature. But the additions given to us by religions have tamed our egoism to a certain degree and shaped it in a certain way. And for this we have to acknowledge the merit of religions.

Although they stemmed from human egoism, each religion and its own form, among its own people, in its own sector, was fruitful. Medicine, culture, dancing, and even science stem from religious development.

Science developed from religion in order to prove the basics of the religious beliefs and to explain different situations in our life. Then conflicts and contradictions seemingly emerged between science and the different religions, which continue to this very day because religions were fossilized. We should respect the religions for being the root of human development.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/29/16

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