Microbes Will Help Us

laitman_547.05In the News (Stanford News): “Stanford study indicates that more than 99 percent of the microbes inside us are unknown to science

“A new survey of DNA fragments circulating in human blood suggests our bodies contain vastly more diverse microbes than anyone previously understood. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of those microbes have never been seen before, let alone classified and named, Stanford researchers report August 22 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.”

Answer: But we live, don’t we? And if we hadn’t studied this 1%, we would still be alive.

Question: Why are these organisms living in us?

Answer: It is us! It’s not that they live in us; if they were removed, then we would cease to exist. In other words, we are actually a “bag” carrying all kinds of microorganisms. And these little bugs are just hanging out there all the time. That is what we are.

Question: Does that mean that if we learn about 1% or a larger percentage or no percentage at all, it wouldn’t make any difference, we won’t gain anything from it?

Answer: No, we won’t. It will only add more trouble. We will always think that these microorganisms must be eliminated, those over there need to be increased, etc. This is all wrong. Interfering with human nature is disastrous for us. We do not achieve anything.

We must get to a level of good, benevolent, eternal existence through a different method. Not by the method of interfering with the work of our body, but by interfering on a much higher level. Rising through our own attainments, revealing the upper system, the upper world—this is within our power. And these “little bugs” will only help us in all this.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/2/17

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