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Laitman_712.03Question: You say that by studying Kabbalah it is possible to change one’s destiny. But is it necessary?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary. Now we are at the level of our compulsory existence. It is not even an animalistic existence, but much lower because an animal does not ask questions about the meaning of life.

Once we start asking such questions, we have an opportunity to rise with their help to the level of absolute freedom, freedom from death, from material life, and from the tight framework of our present existence. This is freedom from being under some special supervision, restrictions, distributions and so on. That is, you become the highest.

In this way, each of us, by reaching an ability to bestow, becomes the highest. One can say, “This is an illusion. How can everyone be the highest?” But it is, in fact, so because we will find ourselves in another, spiritual space.

Question: Do we change our destiny by this?

Answer: Of course. Our destiny is in our hands. We can change not only our corporeal life, but a destiny we know nothing about yet, those stages that we still have to go through.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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