Microorganisms Rule Our World!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Vokrug Sveta): “We consist of 90% bacteria. Examining skin under a microscope, it is easy to find whole communities of microorganisms. The same applies to the internal organs.

“The notion of people’s sterility is out of date, and our life takes place in symbiosis with different biological species.

“Our digestive system contains plenty of microorganisms, total weight up to 3 kilograms (6 lbs.). A community of bacteria within a human being consists of trillions of cells, and only 10% of them are human.

“The human genome contains 22,000 human genes encoding proteins for metabolic regulation, and adds a microbiome about eight million unique bacteria.

“The role of bacteria in the human body is to perform the basic operations for extracting energy from food, and in the case of external infection, both the person and bacteria become infected, working together to defend against the attack.

“Every square centimeter of our skin contains about a million microorganisms that resist the penetration of unwanted guests. Inside the human, bacterial flora not only grow with the body, but are also the major defender against exposure to toxins, viruses and pathogens.

“The human genome is known to be transmitted by the parents at the time of conception, and after conception is subject to change. Bacteria and microorganisms are acquired, also subject to change and mutation, and their composition may vary. This gives rise to the impression that the management of flora will allow a person to maintain health. A new type of study being developed by scientists is the deciphering of the communication links of bacteria and microorganisms, some of which have already been studied.”

My Comment: Bodily, we are animals, and if we achieve spirituality, we can talk about the human being only in a spiritual sense. Until we rise from the level of animate to the level of Adam (man), we are animals in the physical sense, the the moral sense, and in every sense.

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