The One Inside Me

293Comment: There is pain in the world. As you keep saying, this pandemic is not the end of it. The UN has already accepted that we have lost this fight with more than a million dead and more than 30 million infected, and that we need to unite. But how? How can we unite? Suddenly Karabakh! Nation on nation! Such hatred is spilled out that did not exist before. What’s going on in Belarus?! What’s happening in America?!

My Response: The world, of course, has descended…

Question: What about Israel? The government can’t make basic decisions. It seems that we were not put in apartments, in rooms, the virus didn’t scare us.

Answer: Mutual pretensions are the strongest.

Question: This is staggering! What kind of nature is this?! How can we work with it?

Answer: This is the next state of egoism. The fact that I pay less and less attention to the consequences that are allegedly threatening. I am threatened, others are threatened, it doesn’t matter, I don’t feel it. What can I do?

Question: A person has no responsibility. Should there be a change of mind or a change of heart?

Answer: “What the mind doesn’t do, time does,” the Bible says.

We are trying to speed up this process of the revelation of evil. For what? For humanity to tell its ego: “That’s it! You don’t rule me anymore! I’m separating myself from you! This is you, and this is me.”

What can I do to realize that it is guiding me all the time? I get up in the morning and feel that it is guiding me: “Get up, go there, do that, sit down this way, that way…” It commands me all the time.

Question: Should I admit that I am its slave?

Answer: I don’t admit it. I begin to understand this and begin to rebel against it because I see that, in principle, it does not prepare anything good for me.

We need to rise above this so our earthly nature does not guide us. We can’t go on living this way anymore.

Question: We can talk about egoism and man, about the fact that egoism turns us, pushes us, spins us, and, in principle, pushes us into the abyss. Can an ordinary person reason like that or not?

Answer: If you explain all this to him all the time, he will eventually be able to see, on the one hand, the explanation, and on the other hand, the blows of fate.

Explanations must always be before his eyes. And he would not see them, read them, or anything. But the time comes, he gets blows, and then he suddenly sees. Or begins to search frantically: “What should I do?! How do I get rid of the problem?!” And then he begins to see, to listen.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/1/20

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