The Highest Spark Of Love

260.01Question: It turns out that the world was filled with hatred, not love. So much hatred burst into the world!

What did the coronavirus show? People who have lived together for decades, raised children and grandchildren, suddenly hate each other so much!

And such demonstrations are going on in so many countries! Look at what is happening in America: everything is being broken and crushed. Look at the Internet: such hatred, how they shower abuse on each other on social networks wherever possible!

What can we do about this hatred?

Answer: What do you expect from the world that created by hatred alone? It is written: “I have created the evil inclination.”

Question: How did the world develop with such hatred?

Answer: This is how it developed. Even the good was goodness emanating from hatred. That is, I love what I love, I get closer to what I want. Everything was ruled by my hatred.

Egoism is hatred. Hatred of what is not me, what I do not like, what is not for me, not for my sake, what does not relate to me, no matter what or what for, from zero to minus of infinity.

There is only one force in the world, which is hatred, and there is no other. And what we call love is self-love! What does it mean “I love someone”? This is the flip side of hatred, not love. Love is a completely different property; it is the nature of the Creator.

Question: Does such a world as you have described have the right to exist?

Answer: It does, because it is from this world that we can evaluate, justify, and admire this upper force of kindness and love.

Remark: It turns out that we have been put, as it were, in front of a mirror and told: “Look what you are!”

My Comment: In our world we will come to a very serious awareness of evil, a state from which we simply cannot escape to anywhere, as if trapped by wolves, surrounded from all sides.

From such hopeless states where it does not even matter to me whether I live or die, we will begin to somehow rise, that is, to realize that we must be above life, above death, above egoism, and that we must live by some other ideal, by a different feeling.

Remark: So many works of art have been created throughout the world, anything you can imagine, just to somehow bring man closer, to breathe something good into him. You and I were brought up on such warm, kind movies. It is clear that egoism was not developed then.

My Comment: And where have they led humanity, into such a jungle! It is like Susanin who leads into such darkness and we considered it to be light.

Question: What would be better?

Answer: The truth is better; to reveal human nature. If a person understands that this is his nature literally from childhood, he begins to behave differently. He is at least aware of his nature. He does not act with any deceitful goals! His life is completely different.

Question: Based on what you are saying now, the conclusion is that we should start to deal with this now?

Answer: And we will start to deal with this to the extent it is needed.

Question: To talk about human nature from childhood? To say: “Human nature is evil”?

Answer: Yes, of course. Then you will look at demonstrators, at politicians, at friends, and at relatives, at everything, differently.

Question: That is, I will not hate them, I will understand that this is my nature?

Answer: Yes. And then you will want to find the true nature. When you see one single egoism in everybody you will still want to rise above it.

Question: But is there at least a spark of love in this world? Something that has spun this sinful world, as you say.

Answer: This spark in people is still to be found, felt, and fanned like coals are fanned. Only in this way. But it is not simple at all.

Such a spark is that the Creator suddenly becomes important to you. There is something in my life that I cannot give up. I can part with everything, I can do anything, just do not tear me away from Him, which egoistic for now. So that my egoism does not tear me away from the Creator.

There is a substance that becomes very dear to me. As if it does not belong to my egoism. This is how a new substance appears in a person.

Question: Can this state arise only from the realization of evil?

Answer: Yes. Everything spiritual that arises in us and even everything that we then attribute to the Creator, to connection with Him, to merging with Him, this is all built only on our egoism.

Question: Is it good to strive for the evil in this way, to feel the evil in yourself?

Answer: No, this is done only if you strive for the good. And the good is above the evil, above the nature of our world, above us. It turns out that it is not at all what we thought. Good is when outside of yourself, the egoist, rising above yourself, you accept a completely new property.

Question: I have to reach a level I do not see and do not know?

Answer: You should clothe in it. It should just come to you.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/3/20

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