The Most Receptive Audience

944Question: You are our spiritual guide in this world. Is there an explanation for the fact that the teacher of such a global group speaks Russian?

Answer: The fact is that today the Russian speaking audience is the most receptive in the world, for several reasons.

First, the majority of the Jewish nation lived in the territory of Czarist Russia and in Eastern Europe, which impregnated this area with its Kabbalistic ideas. This is very important. The land itself began to grow Kabbalists.

Second, while the wisdom of Kabbalah was gradually revealed starting from the 16th century, from the time of the ARI who lived in the land of Israel, in Safed, it mainly developed in Russia in the areas where the Jews in Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine lived, which is where Kabbalists lived.

Many Kabbalah books, which are still famous today and which we study quite often, were written in these places in the 17th to 19th centuries. So from a territorial perspective, Russia is the birthplace of modern Kabbalah. It is the reason that part of the Jewish nation, and not only the Jewish nation, which grew there, perceives the wisdom of Kabbalah so well and is drawn to the attainment of spirituality.

I can see an inclination to study Kabbalah in these people and I welcome them warmly and make sure that I satisfy their spiritual yearning.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the attainment of the meaning of life and of the whole structure of creation. It explains how the system works, how it operates, and how a person can impact it.

So apparently it is not a coincidence that I speak Russian. I know Hebrew only in the framework of studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, but my mother tongue is Russian and I think and feel in Russian. It is impossible to part from that, although I came to Israel in 1974. This is my fate.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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