Karl Marx And Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanKarl Marx felt all the Kabbalistic conclusions rather well and expressed them quite openly, but at the same time did so unclearly for small people like Lenin and his associates. Baal HaSulam writes about this.

Karl Marx’ original works clearly indicate that he supposed that once people began to work with their egoism, they would realize that it is impossible. Technically, this is what people in Russia felt once they started building socialism after the Revolution. But they followed a path that Karl Marx definitely never thought would happen: the path of force.

When you are setting a condition of “love thy neighbor,” you cannot impose this condition, this law, through force. This was a Russian invention. This can never exist!

But Bolsheviks turned everything this way, and at the end they created terror and killed forty million people. Still, this did not lead to anything. You cannot artificially change human nature according to your own way, especially through force. It is impossible. When referring to nature, can you really do anything against it?

This ideology of so-called “love of neighbor” was imposed through force all the way until the final years of the soviet regime, until people had become completely disappointed in everything. It sounded nice on the outside, but we understand that it was nothing but terror on the inside.

Karl Marx assumed that people would realize the need to come together and would understand that there is no place for exploitation, that capitalism is corrupt, and that socialization of means and results of production is necessary. We will come to this anyway. The entire global crisis is leading towards this. We cannot avoid this.

Karl Marx wrote out all these Kabbalistic conditions as economic laws: Every person must be compensated for their work only with what they need to exist in our world. This refers to whatever is needed for every person to exist normally: an apartment, a job, a family, vacations, pension, healthcare, childhood education, everything that one needs on the level of our world, in our normal human society. Every person must have this.

But everything beyond the necessities becomes public property. And it must only be used for the benefit of the society, and only to the necessary extent for this society. Only then we will be in balance with nature.
From Lesson 3 Berlin Convention 1/28/2011

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  1. The critical failure of communism was that it killed the ego and removed all motivation. The ego is the necessary inner fire and fuel for any action. Capitalism is only this fire, without much collective understanding. Coupling the two is what exists within the biological fractal idea. We must pursue advancement of all people including ourselves, once the living standard is reached for everyone. Also though, people who are striving more so and doing great things must have their individual ego rewarded in order to ensure the original fuel is not lost. This has to be done in a way though where it does not lead to tyranny or abuse of others though, but inspires by example.

  2. Dear Rav,

    In some of your prior talks on the subject you have said that in-equality will always remain on this Earth. But I don’t understand how that can be with what you have just said in this blog post ? Could you explain this ?

    Kind regards

    Kristian. UK.

  3. “WHO” said…..Also though, people who are striving more so and doing great things must have their individual ego rewarded in order to ensure the original fuel is not lost. This has to be done in a way though where it does not lead to tyranny or abuse of others though, but inspires by example.

    ME: if the soul is not above the ego, the individual ego will never ACCEPT true communism, no matter how beautiful it sounds to the SOUL: The ego will always hate it, so, till the ego is behind the soul, not in front, or rather till the soul is ABOVE the ego, it will not find PLEASURE in communisim: The work for raising MAN is the most important work, no matter what structure society takes: MAN (the true PRAYER of LIFE) will DESIRE to be communistic above his own ego; that is true choice/will/INTENTION to bestow: Anything less will not work and this is why Nature is forcing us all to RISE ABOVE the ego, because egos will be left behind, not the SOUL of MAN:

  4. Katie

    I don’t know what Rav Leitman means by inequality will remain on earth, but my discernment tells me that not every desire within MAN (One Man with one heart) will be equal; I for one don’t need what others in my family need, but the measure will be within the persons desire and not anothers definition for that desire. For instance, if my desire is to sit in a small apt to share my gift of writing with the world, then this is my portion for MAN; why would I need as big a house as the one who takes on nurturing others? This kind of inequality is not really inequality but it is receiving according to the DESIRE we have: we don’t need more than we desire; the problem is when our desires are below and not above or not “good for all”; when they are simply to gain more………..without a use for it: this kind of desire makes for so much unhappiness, for the person doing it and for those he is taking from simply to have more.

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