Returning To Our Root

548.02Question: If everything is predetermined by the Creator, is the only thing in my power to relate to it differently and to go through it in a different pace?

Answer: Everything is totally and precisely predetermined from the beginning of the spiritual path to its end, and there is nowhere you can escape from it. You must reach the root of your soul which has descended from point B to point A, and you must return from point A to point B by your own efforts.

This process can be described by three lines. The first line (1) is the descent from the world of infinity to our world. The second line (2) is the history of our world, our corporeal path (6,000 years). And the third line (3) is the ascent back to the world of infinity

Descents and ascents have practically no time. But we are returning to our root.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/30/18

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