Don’t Wait, Act!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When men unite, they cause a feeling of incomparable thrill in women. We, women, are looking very much forward to this.

Answer: You should not wait for this. You need to act. Otherwise, nothing will happen. You should pressure men, help them, that is, behave like a wife at home in relation to her husband. That is how the entire women’s part of the world group must affect the men’s part. In principle, the soul is composed of male and female parts, and the Creator is between them.

You should not rely on men only. On their own, they would not have built the world. They cannot give birth, raise children, and perform household duties. That is why they need support, help, direction, and pressure. This is what a woman usually does at home, helping her husband.

The entire Kli (vessel) is the women’s part, not the men’s. The men do attract the Light, but to the women’s desire, to the women’s aspiration. Thus, it is necessary to match the women’s and men’s parts correctly. However, don’t wait! On the contrary, if you do not cause an urgent need to attract the Light in men, they will not do that. This is how we are organized.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 4

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