Women’s Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we discuss the problems that arise between the male and female parts of the group in a mixed workshop?

Answer: I don’t understand, what problems can there be between men and women? Isn’t it clear to us that we have to help one another? Could it be that the men have some outrageous demands?

Question: They demand our support, which they claim that they don’t feel.

Answer: Oh! They are right about that. This is the most important role of the female group, and without it the men won’t be able to advance. Only the women can do it with the special inner part of their soul.

The support is in not going in every direction, but calming things down, directing and supporting the men, just as a mother calms a child. This means that they have to perform the role of a mother. The men’s group needs a mother that will balance and soften it, which means that it will smooth things out. This is the women’s work.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/7/12, Lesson 1

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  1. Before sharing my thoughts I have read mostly all posts under category ” women” . Which is very stange to have, as there is no category ” men” . Why not?

    It’s striking that the mostly a role of the woman in the world of Kabbala ( at least on this website) comes to a ) dissemination of Kabbalah…aka …becoming a salesperson / marketing b) nurturing and supporting men..,aka …becoming a mother figure for them and c ) assisting with materials …aka…becoming a secretary.
    Anything else? Did I miss anything?

    Why not a ” teacher” ? Why not a ” mentor” or a coach? A healer? No room for it? Not good enought? Something wrong with our Soul? Why not? Just a thought.

    Here is more : in my expirence of teaching ( graduate schools) , being married for 30+, raising children , working all my life as well ….in male dominated environment …in the leadership positions…here is what I learned and know…..

    …if man does not want to study, woman can’t help him. If man wants to work and study he is fully capable to do so without a woman. Creating co- dependent environment for a man is nice to have. But not a ” must” .

    Therefore…May be it is enough already to create a ” nurturing” situation for man? I know, its so nice to have. Yes. it is. It was done for centuries and centuries . May be we, as women, must create a situations where men will feel a desire to grow up and not only in his size and face the world as we do. With a naked soul and broken heart.

    In the end, it was said that women will show the way. May be we must start walking….not behind men…but affront of them. And if they want to have cookie, they can take them without our help. They can do it! And we can do ” it” too.

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