A Man And A Woman As Traits Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My parents got divorced and that left its imprint in me. I know that there are many people in my generation who are affected by this as well. We are afraid of women. It is very difficult to trust them.

Answer: I don’t understand your problems because we talk about absolutely different things. We don’t talk about men and women as biological bodies, a set of chromosomes, genes, and hormones.

We talk about men and women as traits of nature (and it is very important to us!), when we as adults understand how to use our strengths and weaknesses properly in order to reach a common goal. Serious people gathered here who want to reach that and don’t care about everyday problems between men and women in our regular life. We get away from a material life and rise above it. We want to use our spiritual qualities, either masculine or feminine, in order to support each other and rise. We must go together toward the goal in order to reach it.

Each of us has his or her own mission, own role, but can’t be without others. Only our mutual combination makes our connection productive.

We learn about Aviut (desire) and Zakut (screen). It is necessary to have both as complementary and equal to each other. One cannot exist without the other. If a screen were bigger than Aviut, where would it appear from the start? A screen cannot be different because it appears only on top of a desire. If a desire is bigger than the screen, it means it is no longer aimed toward bestowal, but toward reception. Thus it is important to have a right combination of masculine and feminine qualities.

I’d like to emphasize that we talk about qualities, not about hormones or other material traits. Under the concept of “a woman” an aspiration toward spiritual is meant, and “a man” is a realization of this aspiration that absolutely doesn’t apply to this world.
From the Vilnius Convention 3//23/12, Lesson 2

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