The Unity Of The World Lies In Harmony Between Men And Women

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should never perceive the relationship between men and women as antagonistic. On the contrary, we have to see each other as help. If we are talking about the unity of the world, then first of all this is the mutual support of its two parts—male and female.

These parts come from the common root of creation: the Creator or Light, and the desire or the vessel filled with Light. In addition, this vessel goes through all sorts of forms as it changes. And inside of this vessel, both of us— the male and the female parts—have to work together integrally, like in an ideal family.

The common, collective image of the man has to work together with the common, collective image of the woman. They must work together conjointly, mutually, and clearly, each understanding the nature of both of us. A man understands himself and the female nature, while a woman understand herself and the male nature, and together we act sensibly and wisely, as educated, serious adults who aspire toward a common goal.

The goal is attained through the connection between us. It is written, “Man and woman, and the Creator between them.” That is to say, the Creator’s revelation takes place precisely in the right connection between them, on the screen that appears between the Light and the desire. That is how we must complete one another, mutually and constantly. There is no part, no tiny detail, not one phenomenon in nature, in our relationships, in our world and the spiritual worlds, that does not have mutual supplementation, unification, and adhesion of the male and female parts.

In our world this is not apparent at all. We do not even imagine this mutual supplementation, unification, and adhesion. But in the spiritual world this is a necessary condition. And depending on what levels we are on, these levels are determined precisely by the mutual supplementation and unification, until we unite together.

Therefore, the right understanding of our mutual work is the most important condition of our success. I would say that there is no problem that could be solved separately by men or by women. They are always solved one through the other, meaning that women’s problems are solved through men, and men’s problems are solved through women. This lack of understanding, the belief that it is possible to exist separately, “What do I care about them!” (usually, this is how men feel about women), and “We will solve everything on our own and will do everything ourselves!” This attitude that men tend to have is completely incorrect. And naturally, on the part of women it is also incorrect to think that “Men will do something, will solve everything, and everything will be OK, and we will receive something by being next to them.”

Initially, from the very first step, there has to be clear, inner contact. It shouldn’t be external, physical, visual, or even verbal, but precisely inner contact, which occurs through the upper force, through the next level, instead of directly between us. Then this upper degree will be expressed inside of this unity. It’s like a minus and a plus, and some kind of resistor or device between them that starts working precisely in this way, by virtue of the poles that are connected to it.
From the 2nd lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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